Improving infrastructure

South Carolina’s roads have long needed improvement, and I will fight to ensure infrastructure sustainability and development is a priority in the Pee Dee.

Ensuring our citizens have access to health care

The Federal Affordable Care Act is a landmark law that expands healthcare to our region, ensuring our citizens’ health and, in turn, our economy’s nourishment. Medicaid and Medicare are vital social service programs that help sustain the Pee Dee’s health.

Protecting the right to vote

SC Republican leadership have repeatedly tried to silence our voice and minimize voter turnout over recent years. Every legally eligible citizen should be able to vote, stress free and without worry that more stringent voter ID laws are put into place.

Advancing educational opportunities and improving teacher pay

A top notch public education system is the key to South Carolina’s future. Our region is plagued by under-funded education and a lack of resources for children’s learning development. A starting point for improving our educational system begins on the front end by expanding 4-year old kindergarten and on the back end by lowering tuition rates to improve college access. Additional educational advancements will be seen when we finally improve teacher pay to attract more teachers and keep our current teachers’ jobs in place and sustainable.

Securing more jobs and economic development

We can do better. Improving jobs and economic opportunity goes hand-in-hand with improving education, training and opportunity. By improving on the job and technical training opportunities, we advance the Pee Dee and all of South Carolina.

Raising minimum wage

A key aspect to a flourishing economy is a reasonably accommodated workforce. How are we to advance South Carolina’s economy if we don’t ensure our citizens can live in affordable conditions? I continue to fight for a raised minimum wage for our state.

Improving rural business and agricultural opportunities

The Pee Dee thrives off of small business, rural and agricultural opportunities and advancement. It is the hallmark of our region. Without appropriate funding, tax incentives and accommodations, we cannot continue to advance our beautiful part of the state.